Saturday, June 18, 2005

It's been a relief to be able to show people that we are actually taking steps towards getting married. Now when people ask us how the wedding plans are going, I can say "Well we have a ring," which is better than having nothing, which is also pretty close to what we have.

G. wants to wait to do his paperwork in July, because then it will be good for the 6 months before getting married. All the paperwork has to have been issued within the last 6 months when you register. I told him if he did it now, it would probably arrive in July, which would do, but there's no convincing him. Sigh. Sometimes you have to pick your battles, so I'm letting this slide for a bit longer. My parents want to come over (did I mention we decided on December?) and so they are anxious to get a firm date out of us.

We also went and looked at dirndls yesterday. I tried on a few, all were very nice. I love trying them on; they are all so different in colour and patterns, even though the basic idea is the same, I feel like it's totally different each time I try a new one. And unlike other shops, where there are shelves and shelves full of the exact same shirt in different colours, there's usually only one dirndl of a certain colour in each size. Far more variety.

Anyways, there was one we both quite liked, but I'm going to take my best friend down with me on Tuesday to see what she thinks. G also didn't really want to know 100% if that was the one I was getting - he wants a bit of a surprise. Heh heh, maybe I will get that red latex jumpsuit...