Thursday, June 30, 2005

Review of Ultimate Wedding website

Since the most recent spate of visitors has been from the Ultimate Wedding website, I thought I should return the favour with a link and a review.

I like the website in general. They are trying to turn a profit by working as a middleman for wedding shopping, but they do a good job. It's a clean design with simple descriptions to get you where you want to go. I can't comment on the prices, as I don't shop via it, since it's set up for the USA, possibly Canada.

They have a lot of articles in the form of checklists such as: Honeymoon Packing Checklist, Ceremony Music Checklist, Name Change Checklist, Wedding Day Hair Checklist, etc etc. I haven't explored them fully, but I think they could prove useful.

Also useful to someone wanting ideas are contributions from members of the website. These include lists of songs, marital vows, wine ceremony speeches, etc etc. This is a good resource of material for people to get ideas for their own ceremony.

Where the board really shines is in its online forums. These are well organised and the members really seem to be out to help each other, not just trash talk. I think they work far far better than The Knot's forums do.

Unfortunately, there are a couple of technical problems with the forums that keep me from participating as much as I otherwise might. When you click on a link, it is reeeeeallllly sllllllllloooow to load. And I have broadband, there's no reason for this, other than there must be too much background stuff being reloaded each time. They have updated and it's a bit faster, but it still is quite slow in my opinion. The other problem is that the notification of new posts on a thread you are tracking is usually about a week old. If you are interested in joining the forums, by all means do so, but don't rely on email notification to keep you updated on new posts.

All in all, for someone looking for good advice from other brides to be (it does seem to be only brides, no grooms, sorry!) and somewhere where they can rave about their very cool table centerpiece without fear of the reader getting bored, this is a good place for you.

If you do log on, feel free to drop me a Private Message (PM). I'm on there as ZeeBride, funnily enough.
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