Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Zee Restaurant

So, we finally (and yes, I know, at a late juncture) got around to looking for a restaurant for us to eat and drink and celebrate at. As you might expect on a Friday in December, it's a wee bit tricky.

Basically we want to keep to our Bavarian theme and find a nice Bavarian or German restaurant not too far from the Standesamt (civil office) to go to. A bit of travel is okay, but not a 60 minute drive (even though I know several great restaurants that far away that would fit the bill). Saturday we spend an hour walking around downtown, trying to find a place. Several of our first choices weren't available, which has left us with a couple of other choices.

We have reservation at Augustiner am Platzl. The nice nice part upstairs is unfortunately booked, and the downstairs-ground floor bit is a bit open. There's a mezzanine level between the ground floor and upstairs, and that's where we have the reservation at the moment. It's okay, but a bit open and could be pretty smoky, depending on the clientele downstairs.

The next place we have a tenative booking at is at Nürnberger Bratwurst Glöckl am Dom. Here we have a nice corner that's not too busy in a very traditional setting. The problem is, I don't know if this is booked 100%, as they seemed really laissez-faire about the whole thing and didn't get back to me by email to confirm the booking.

The third place we could choose would be this room in the Löwenbräukeller. We are planning on having around 12 guests, so G is a bit worried it would look empty with just us in it. I think that it could be quite a nice little setting and if it's decorated for Christmas (which they already suggested would be included in a Christmas menu), it could look quite nice.

Opinions, especially from people in Munich who probably have a clue as to where these places are and what they are like, are welcome. Even for all you abroad, shout out your opinion!