Thursday, August 18, 2005

More paperwork to do

In the vain hope that we had all our paperwork, we went down to the Marriage Office this morning. Much busier this time as when I was down there last, maybe because it was morning, maybe because it was summer. I knew it wasn't complete because there was no translation done yet, but we thought we might be able to twist a few arms to give us a date. No such luck. We both need to send our birth certificates back to our respective nations to get "officialized" by the authorities. G needs an Apostille to say "Yes, this is an Australian birth certificate" and I need the German embassy in Canada to say the same about mine. What a runaround. I'm phoning them this afternoon to make sure of the address and such. Hope I don't have to apply in person. That would be a real downer. And probably kill the idea of getting married in Germany PDQ.