Tuesday, February 22, 2005

I try and limit myself from gabbing on and on about our nuptials and the planning within. At least that is, with the people who don't want to know much about it. Of course all our friends are happy for us, but most probably don't really care to hear the details. If they want to hear the details, they can read them here instead. But of course, sometimes it comes up in conversation. For example

"What did you do on the weekend?"
"We went ring shopping."
"Oh, how was that?"

At which point, I'm caught between telling the whole (and in my biased eyes, interesting) story or the short not-much-information version. I've got it wrong a few times too, as to who would be interested and who wouldn't. Some people who I assumed wouldn't want much detail kept asking more and more questions. Some people to whom I started to tell the minutiae quickly glazed over with a desperate look on their face of "Please make her stop. Please. Somebody."

To those who I've bored, please forgive me. It's pretty exciting for me to be getting married to G and although I realise it does not affect your life very much and that you aren't so interested, I sometimes get caught up before I can stop myself. As I said, I do try and gauge interest before providing more than just a framework. In a couple of instances, I got it wrong. However, you have to give me credit for seeing the bored look in your eye and stopping when I did.

To those who are interested, thank you for your interest. This especially applies to people like Gen, Kathie, Shirley and Dee. Them especially because they have been regular commenters on my blog, which encourages me to post more. I do read all the comments and they have provided some good advice along with the encouragement. Thank you for that.

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Earl J. Woods said...

So how did the ring shopping go???????? Tell us more! More! All the filthy, lascivious details...

Anonymous said...

You never told me about the ring shopping I don't think :(.
I'm agreeing with earl here - do tell us more. I did do a little surf-ette last time you asked for ideas on the ring thing, but I couldn't find anything I liked. I'm not really much of a ring person. It's tricky, picking something out, isn't it?
love from Dee