Wednesday, April 20, 2005

To party or not to party?

Sorry, I know I have been negligent towards my blog the last little while. I do apologise, I have been incredibly busy with work. The stuff that might pay for parts of the wedding takes priority over just gabbing on about the wedding.

Anyhoo, I now have a HUGE stack of wedding magazines to look through, so hopefully there will be more to say after that.

Right now, I'm thinking about what a good friend of mine said to me. She said that it was all well and good to get married one day and have the party another, but that it wouldn't feel the same. And I can see what she means. The wedding is one day, one special day and the feelings we will have that day will be hard to recreate on another occasion. Sharing this feeling with friends and family would be good. But at what point does it stop being a small intimate affair and become a big production? I know a lot of people in Munich. A lot. And there are lots of people I would invite to my party, but not as many who I would invite to my wedding. But some guests are hard to separate from the others. For instance, our band. It wouldn't be good to just invite a few from the band, it has to be either everyone or no one. That's about 20 certain just right there. So much for a small intimate affair.

I don't know. I like the idea of sharing the joy, but it seems to me it would be stress, my ultimate avoidance. It's a thought that I have to ruminate on a bit, and also discuss with G to see what he thinks. Your comments on the idea are welcome.

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jane said...

wow, i can i identify with your dilemma as we are going through something similar right now. i'd like to get married in my mom's back garden with our families and closest friends in attendance only and no gawkers. i'm a bit old, ahem, to be wearing a white gown and i don't want any sort of spectacle. at some point, i'd then like to have a large garden party at our new place or back at my mom's again and invite the entire world with their kids and their dogs. it would be a pig roast or something else casual and people could stay all day. i hate structured weddings where everything is timed. i think theya re so hokey. anyhow, problem is chris' family are from england and we have a ton of friends here. was hoping for some time in between events, but do definitely want the family involved so it's a bit of a mess at the moment! i do not want some hollywood production of an event that is very personal to us. i've waited a long time to do this and want to be happy and serene on the day!

good luck and keep us posted.


Anonymous said...

Just do what you want, that's what I think. If you fancy having your wedding one day and your party the next, there's nothing wrong with that at all.
Unless your plans have changed in the meantime, I guess you'll be having 3 parties anyway (Germany, Canada, Australia). The second two won't be on the day of the wedding, and they'll still be special, right?
love from Dee

Kathie said...

We're having a big traditional bavarian Polterabend before our church wedding (we may actually be married by then, because we have to get married at the registry office here), so that our German and living in Germany friends can party with us...

Anonymous said...

Hi Andi,

Very interesting comments from your friends!!

Love Mom