Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Zee Dress! Now bought!

So I now have it. It is the dress I tried on last week with G. in tow. I put it on and Dee immediately said it looked good and I should get it. I tried on a few different blouses with it as I wasn't 100% on the first "trial" blouse I had used. I tell you, it's hard work doing all those buttons up and undoing them again. Along with the dirndl (and the apron that came with it) and blouse, I also bought a lovely silk scarf to go with it. Did I mention that this was at the outlet shop for Loden-Frey? So the scarf that normally cost around 80 Euros was marked down to 30. A good reduction on the dirndl and blouse too.

While there, Dee also tried on a few dirdls. It was fun, as I'd never seen her in anything like a dirndl and she's never had one. It took a while to find one that fit and looked nice, but when we did find it, it was really good. She looks fab in it. So if she has a dirndl now, we'll have to get G's best man some lederhosen for the big day too, ha hah. Since he doesn't live in Munich or even Germany, we'll probably try and borrow a pair for him instead.

Anyways, it's late now, so I'll post pictures of the dirndl later this week.

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