Thursday, September 22, 2005

Zee Date!

We have a date for the wedding!

First I'd like to thank Lisa at Lisa's Office for the quick and extremely reasonably-priced translation of our birth certificates. Sent last Thursday, picked up today, €15 each. Bargain!

With official translations, birth certificates, (apostilled & legalized), proof of occupation, proof of residency, certificate of it's-okay-for-this-guy-to-get-married, and passport in hand; I headed down the marriage office to get a date. When I got there, I suddenly worried about not having G there with me and no copy of his passport. But I still managed to get a date, although we have to go down tomorrow together to sign one more form (an affidavit for me to say it's okay for this girl to get married). I think part of the reason she gave me the date rather than telling me to come back tomorrow was that there was an old couple in the office next door (there's no door between them), and I do mean old, like over 65, wanting to get married and the old guy was being a right annoyance, shouting "I'm a customer, you can't treat me this way!". We were looking at each other, shaking our heads in sympathy for the woman working with this jerk and so she was a bit more accomodating for me. :)

So, here it is:

DECEMBER 9TH, 2005; 1:50pm.

Isn't that exciting? I'm excited. A few hiccups to work out, but that is finally set!

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Earl J. Woods said...

Wait a minute, isn't that only a couple of months from now? Wow, you guys don't fool around.

ZeeBride said...

Oh, but we do fool around. All the time.