Thursday, January 27, 2005

The Knot - Update

The Knot sent me an email today. It said "Where are you getting married? We've pulled together everything you need to plan a wedding in your area: Hundreds of vendor profiles -- sites, photographers, florists, bands, and more" blah blah blah. Which would make you assume that from the oodles of information they collected from me when I registered for the site, they had some about things near me in Munich. Nah-uh. Just a link to their over-filled front page, with the list of everything for the U.S. C'est la vie.

But while we are on the topic, random impersonal emails from companies aren't the only ones I can get. You too can write to me: Or if you prefer to deal with the male half, I'm going to make him able to post on the blog, so if you are very lucky, you might see a post from him one of these days...

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