Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Rings and things

I've been thinking about wedding rings and wedding dresses the last few days. I'll share my thoughts on rings for this post.

As I mentioned before, at the moment, I don't have an engagement ring. I can live with this, but I do want a ring. I've never really thought about it much before. I don't wear rings normally, so a ring would become extra symbolic, as no matter what it is, it's a ring I'm going to always wear. Within reason though, I might take it off when mixing up hamburger meat with my hands. But always in the sense it's not going to be taken off just because it doesn't match my shoes.

I'm not so crazy about a big diamond solitaire for a lot of reasons.

1. Diamonds are overpriced. Diamonds aren't rare, they are extremely common. A market was artificially created for them by keeping tight control of how many got out to the public. This has eased in the last few years, but the grip of good marketing is still in effect.

2. There are too many blood diamonds out there. Countries like Sierre Leon, Liberia and Angola fund their civil wars by selling diamonds they mine in their countries. Lots of times the people that these rebel groups use to mine the diamonds are kept like slaves. Do I want to wear a stone that went to buy guns that went to kill innocent human beings? If I do get a diamond, we'll make sure it's a Canadian diamond or another diamond with a certificate of origin from somewhere peaceful.

3. Solitaires stick out. Occasionally I am not the most graceful of humans. With a big rock on my finger, I am likely to rip up sweaters, scratch glasses and leave injuries on my or G's head during what was supposed to be a tender moment.

So what would I like? Well, both G and I were talking about something with rubies, since Ruby is my middle name. Pearls possibly, since it's our birthstone too (and I can't scratch anyone's eyes out with a pearl). But basically, we're going to just go out shopping and see what we like. Don't know if we'll get something matching to work as wedding rings together, or two individual rings. If anyone has any suggestions, whether of what to buy or where to look or a style they think we should check out, I'd love to read your comments.

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