Thursday, February 17, 2005

Everyone is starting to apply pressure for a specific date. Even G, who like most typical men, wants to be involved only to the point where he doesn't actually get any responsibility other than showing up, is starting to want a specific date. So I guess next week I'll have to go down to the authorities and ask about how we go about getting signed up for this sort of thing. That'll make everything seem a bit more real, having paperwork!

P.S. I did get a German wedding magazine last weekend, I'll have a review up soon.

"Do It Yourself" Wedding Tips - Save!


Gen said...

Bret Schulte's article for the Baltimore Style magazine: "The most surprising thing about getting married is my depth of feeling for the gerbera daisies.". I love it. (He's my brother-in-law now, that's my sister Stephanie in the picture. It's not a picture from their wedding though, she didn't get married in black... he did though. Har de har har.)

Earl J. Woods said...

Your sister is hot. Can I say that? You're hot too, Andi. ;-)