Monday, February 14, 2005

Website review - Weddings

Finally, what I would consider a pretty decent wedding website. And it’s not even dedicated to weddings! has over 50 articles and Q&As about weddings. The link is direct to the wedding section. The articles are 1 to 5 pages or so in length and are informative, not just filled with fluffy advertising for some florist in southern California or some hotel estate in the Carribean. Most of the articles are exerpts from wedding books, so that is where the advertising is, but I feel that is fair enough. If something really hits home, then you might consider buying the book.

The articles range from ettiquette questions (how to invite your fiance’s ex-wife) to ideas for photographs to how go about changing your name (useful even if you aren’t in the U.S.) I really enjoy the clear style they are written in and the consiseness of them. The magazines seem to struggle to give decent content, whereas I found the articles at iVillage to be very meaty. They also have a message board section which I have yet to explore properly, but which looks promising as well. has a British counterpart,, but I’m afraid it didn’t strike me as anywhere as well organised and good looking as the American one. Really, it looked like an amateur’s website in comparison. They only had a couple of articles on weddings, plus their message boards, which I couldn’t access due to difficulty registering. I find it hard to believe there’s another ZeeBride out there, but they seemed to have a problem with that name, claiming someone else had that name. Even if that name was taken, no one ever uses my alternate log-on name, and I couldn’t get on with it either. If they sort that problem out for me (I did send them an email about it), I’ll perhaps go and have another try. But for anyone who is interested, I’d check out the American one first.

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