Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Developing the Blog

I was quite excited to find a few new tools for some of the behind-the-scenes work of this blog. I have just added a stats counter to the template, so I know if anyone other than myself actually reads this thing. I will have to look at every visitor as a success, rather than being despondent that millions aren't reading my words of wisdom.

Plus, I found a new resource for saving money on your wedding. Check out the link below. It's for an e-book by Stephi Stewart. I listened to a radio interview with her and she sounded pretty on the ball. Plus, she personally responded to an email I sent her within the day! I was very impressed.

"Do It Yourself" Wedding Tips


Anonymous said...

I'm reading your blog every day, Miss Zee, just so's you know.... :)
love from Topsy

Anonymous said...

.... and the link to the "DIY wedding tips" doesn't work, either.