Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Okay, this website is driving me slowly nuts. I have been trying for the last half hour to make a small edit in a previous post and to get the changed version of the post to load up. It is not working! Publishing normally only takes a few seconds, so I know if it's taking 5 minutes, something is afoot. I've tried a couple of times and it still is being ornery. If any of you other bloggers out there have some advice, I'd be happy to read it.

Thank you to all who have made comments, it's great to get feedback from everyone. And thanks to all who have popped in to take a look around, from Australia, to Sweden, to Canada, to all across the States. Keep looking! I tell you, I'm in love with my Stat program. To quote Ferris Bueller, it is so Choice. It's cool to be able to see where everyone is from and what brought them to the site.

I hope others will find my site entertaining or informative. I'd like to read some other wedding blogs as well, to see how different people are doing different things, but nearly all that I find are for weddings that took place in 2003 or so. Not really as exciting as reading new and fresh posts, filled with drama and intrigue.
Will she get the ring she wants? Stay tuned to this blog!
Will his friends really duct tape him to a lamp post for his stag party? Find out this week!

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