Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Another nightmare

Another nightmare. Again centering on Zee Dress. I'm finding this odd as it hasn't really been a priority item for me and I have hardly been thinking about it of late.

Anyways. Set-up: for some bizarre reason, we are getting married in a really big auditorium/gymnasium. We do a civil service down at one end and then walk up the slightly tilting floor to do a big pomp and circumstance Catholic service religious wedding. The floor is the hardwood that you find in a gym. There are bleachers and seats on one side for all the guests and on the other side is the outline of a big cathedral. But we are inside, along with the cathedral.

I'm in a back room, trying to get ready. For some reason, half of the members of my Bavarian band are also there, helping me to get ready. We are speaking a mix of German and English. One guy (who normally I don't get along very well at all with in the band) is steering me to some back room and I go along quietly. The back room happens to be a wedding dress shop. I look around to see where my dirndl is, but it's not there. I don't know if I forgot to buy it or if it got left at home or if it was deemed not appropriate or what. Everyone is saying to put on my dress. My dress is a big lacy wedding dress with a high collar and long sleeves. I find it horrifying, am stressed and don't want to wear it. In fact, I refuse to wear it, saying that if my new dirdl isn't here, then I'll just wear one of my old ones. I look at my faithful old green one (as seen in my profile pic) and for some reason reject it. I try on my shorter blue one, but find the skirt is way too short and that my panties can be seen from nearly every angle. (There goes the PG rating for my site)

So I'm starting to feel desperate here. Everyone keeps telling me to put on the lacy dress. I say okay, I will try it on, but I don't agree to wear it without checking it out first in the mirror. This comment puts everyone in a kerfluffle, saying, "No! You can't see yourself in the dress before the wedding!" I tell them I'm going to look whether they like it or not. I try it on and it actually doesn't look too bad. I then ask what G is wearing to the ceremony. As it's a dream, I suddenly see him standing out by the altar, chit-chatting with his parents while waiting for me. He's wearing his lederhosen.

Well, if he's wearing lederhosen, there's no way I'm going to wear this lacy white thing. I refuse, to great protests from my band. I decide the most decent thing I can wear is my band uniform. That is a long black skirt, white blouse, red vest and green jacket. Sounds horrid if you haven't seen it, but it's actually not that bad. In fact, if you want to see it (minus the jacket), check out the picture of all of us on the band website: Our Bavarian Band. The band members helping me get ready aren't too happy with this for some unknown reason, but they agree it will fit better with Greg, except they say it won't work because he's also wearing the band uniform and the two matching red vests will clash. So I someone contact Greg via telepathy or some similar power and get him to take his vest off. I put on the band uniform and wake up.

Very strange dream and I'm going to blame it on the Turkish döner I had last night (instead of my "regular" Greek gyros) and the Coopers (South Australian)beer.

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