Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Planning is a crazy thing to try and do when you live in one place and your families are from opposite sides of the world. And also when you sooooo do not want a traditional wedding with the dress and the flowers and the poufy bridesmaid dresses and the decorations and everything. My sister did it in 2003, and it was a very nice wedding (my bridesmaid dress wasn't in the least poufy) and they looked wonderful and have great pictures and memories from the day. But at points, the stress levels were really high. I would really like to try and avoid that as much as possible. I'm sure those of you out there who are already married are probably laughing, thinking "Yeah, right! Good luck!" Well, those naive dreams might fly out the window soon enough, but since it's early days, I'm going to hang onto the idea as long as possible. Hah!

I'll post later what I do want.

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