Monday, January 17, 2005

Zee Wedding Proposal and Telling of Rents

So, I suppose you want to know when it happened? Well, it was a Saturday in early November. We had just changed to the Czech train at the border with Germany and were on our way to Prague. We were alone in our carriage on this old clattery train. It was getting dark out, but you could just make out the snow that was falling. A very romantic setting. He asked in his G-like fashion, and I said yes. Happy beginnings.

We told G's parents while they were over here in Munich for a visit in November and we told mine while we were in Edmonton for a visit in January. Both sets of parents had an amusingly similar reaction. For both G's and my parents, it was a "Oh, well that's good. Congratulations" at first. Then when it had time to settle in, they started to act significantly more happy and enthusiastic. Not that either of us doubted it from their first reactions, but it was funny to see how having time to think about it increased their excitement. Similar to my own reaction I guess!

Now that both sets of parents know, we can tell the rest of you. We didn't really want to spread the word around before I had had a chance to tell my parents to their face, as word gets around the world pretty quick nowadays...

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