Monday, March 07, 2005

Ring browsing online

I've been looking at estate and art deco jewelry, as it's more unique and they seem to be more likely to have other gemstones than just dimonds.
Here are some good links:,%20Art%20Nouveau%20and%20Georgian%20Rings

I don't know any of these vendors, but they certainly are good places to get some ideas from.

Any other links and I'd be happy to see them.


She Dances in Dragon said...

Congratulations on your upcoming marriage. Yes, I'm a total stranger. I found you through the Ugly Wedding Dress site.
Anyway, I'm a hobbyist jeweler who's also cautious about diamonds. I thought I'd leave some unsolicted advice and a few good links.

First off, if you see a setting you like -but want a different stone, any jeweler worth his or her salt will give you what you want. It's pretty easy to pull a stone from a setting and replace it with a new stone of your choosing. Never be afraid to ask. The replacement should be pretty inexpensive, too.
Secondly, if you like a vintage setting that's worn, try shopping the internet for a vintage reproduction. A lot of places are making art deco reproductions that you can buy for a reasonable price. You can get them with or without set stones. If you choose one without stones, it's a simple task to have a jeweler set any stones you want.
Third, if you like a colorless stone, (as an accent or as a main stone) there are excellent substitutes out there. White sapphire will cut glass. Colorless beryl has luster like a diamond. White zircon (not cubic zirconia) has even more sparkle than a diamond.
Links in next post.

She Dances in Dragon said... sells loose gems and pre-made jewelery. They ship from Thailand via Fedex. In the US, it's a flat rate of $15 USD. To see their quality gems, click 'gemstones' then 'collector's corner'. I've always been happy with purchases from Thaigem.

I browsed around and found this site. They have a ton of art-deco rings, and are pleased to customize your stones.

And, of course, there's always e-bay!