Sunday, March 06, 2005

Zee Nightmare

I had a bad dream last night about the wedding. I'm sure it's pretty common for people to have them about their weddings when they are planning. You have a lot to think about, so the thoughts keep swirling around your head after you go to sleep and the stress of the occasion puts a negative spin on it. As it is, mine was pretty mild, and upon waking, more funny than scary, so I'll share it with you here.

Faithful readers will know, I don't want a big white poufy dress. What I do want and plan to wear can be found here. Anyways, in this nightmare, I was wearing a white sheath dress down to around my calves with a thin gauzy layer on top of it that hung tightly to the dress.

Well, for whatever reason, I was in a panic and had to run to get to the ceremony. But as I started to run, the gauzy layer started to catch air and fill up. It wouldn't go down! My dress was being inflated, I looked like I was wearing a big puffy white tube. I kept pressing down on the sides to push the air out, but it wouldn't come out. Of course, I was still trying to run at the same time as doing all of this, so I was quite constricted. I woke myself up because I was starting to hyperventilate! Hah! Well, I thought it was funny as soon as I woke up, but at the time of the dream, it was not fun.

Just a little moment to share with you that hopefully you'll also find funny. Anyone else have any nightmares?

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