Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Zee Advertising

Eagle-eyed readers may have noted that I have a few ads scattered about the blog. They are there in the vain hopes that I might earn some money for the wedding via them. So far, with the Google Ads, I've earnt... wait for it... $1.15 US. Whooh! On the way to paying for the whole she-bang!

But seriously, why not if they will possibly pay me a little something and the people who come regularly to the blog can find them useful? Most things should relate to weddings and such, so it's not like they are totally off-base.

If you find them terribly crass and annoying, tell me and I'll consider removing them. I'd rather have regular blog readers than a couple of bucks from Google.

Yes, this too is an ad. :-)


Kathie said...

Do you get more money if we click on the links? Just say the word and I'll click every time I drop by! I will personally fund your wedding ;o)

ZeeBride said...

Hi Kathie,

Yes, that's the theory. The more people who click on links, the more money I get.

Hey, if you click everytime, I will owe you. A drink the next time we see each other to start with!